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Lead Developer

Fiduciary Benchmarks  Lake Oswego, OR

Posted: July 1, 2013

Portland-Based Lead Developer for Fiduciary Benchmarks - Challenge and Opportunity.

Fiduciary Benchmarks is a dynamic, fast growing company that delivers a range of benchmarking, compliance, and sales generating services to the US retirement industry. The companys commercial success critically depends on the security, reliability and scalability of its technical infrastructure for data management and data processing.

The company is currently in the process of moving all software development in-house with the assistance of their current technology consultant. As an essential step in this process, Fiduciary Benchmarks is now looking for an ambitious Lead Developer who can drive the ongoing internal development of this system in the role of technology visionary and main programmer for the company.

As Lead Developer you will take responsibility for the entire technology stack of the company and continuing development of the Fiduciary Benchmarks platform. The main web application is written in Ruby on Rails, but will need to be complemented by a variety of tools for different kinds of data-processing, as Fiduciary Benchmarks deals with parsing and analyzing data from a wide range of sources (from API calls to Excel to PDF).

You should be comfortable working with business/operational/sales staff, as you will be responsible for converting business ideas into technical and operational functionality. You will work closely with the companys management team, lead all development efforts and play a central role in hiring and managing additional technical talent.

What we are looking for
* Strong programmer with multiple languages in your background. You know how to use the right tool for the problem.
* Experience working on a production Ruby on Rails application.
* Some leadership and recruitment experience.

Bonus points
* Experience working with Java applications.
* Experience with Enterprise security procedures.
* Experience in financial services and/or finance.
* Degree in Computer Science

This position is located at the companys main office in Portland, OR. 
The company offers a competitive salary, including the possibility of equity participation , as well as health insurance and other benefits.

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